Was Jesus Accepting of Homosexuality?

by walterm on February 18, 2013

A friend of mine emailed me a couple of days ago about non-Christians and even professing Christians justifying homosexuality by citing that since Jesus didn’t speak about homosexuality, then it must be an acceptable practice. I can hardly think of logic that is dumber than this. Jesus didn’t talk about heroin or crack cocaine either, so by that logic let’s all get ripped! First, while I think the non-Christian is expressing their ignorance of Scripture, it is far worse for an actual professing Christian to propose this way of thinking. Any Christian who has a basic understanding of the faith has accepted that Christ is their savior, and that he is one person of the Trinity along with God and the Holy Spirit. So when Moses was giving the law in the Old Testament that came from God proscribing homosexual practices, then it came from Christ too.  Christ is co-eternal and one with God, so he was not non-existent or vacationing while his evil cohort was laying down the law. In the New Testament, Paul, as an apostle of God, continued in his writings that homosexuality was indeed a sin before God, just as adultery and fornication are. Interesting that we don’t see adulterers or fornicators running around asking people to ignore their particular sins because they’re special, while gay activists seem to think that when it comes to sin it only applies to other people and not themselves, namely those who don’t agree with their views. Now isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. To my question, Jesus was not accepting of homosexuality any more than he was accepting of the woman at the well who lived a sexually immoral life (John 4:1-42). Jesus lovingly meet her at her point of need and brought her to faith so she would turn away from her sin. And the same would have happened with a homosexual.

Homosexuality is nothing new and is no different from 2000 years ago, so it is time that we get away from viewing it as something new and something special. The Bible has clearly labeled it as sin, so if we’re going to have moral arguments about what is right, wrong, good or bad, then if we’re not going to use the Bible as our guide, then what are gay activists proposing we use to make such determinations? Whatever they say we should? If they appeal to cultural mores that have “evolved” over many civilizations, then how do we know exactly what is the more “evolved” view? And if it has evolved, isn’t it continuing to evolve and perhaps the view that homosexuality is acceptable may not be the most evolved view? And what if they instead argue it is about a person’s personal moral values that should guide us? Then how can I be a bigot if they are saying that they have the moral high ground when in my view I have the moral high ground? If it’s about my personal subjective values, then of course I believe I have the moral ground and they are wrong, just as they believe I am wrong. So you see how ridiculous it is to advocate for same-sex marriage or homosexuality as normative when you have no standard on which to stake your claim. If it is cultural or individually subjective, then there is no particular reason that I should change my view, and I’m not a bigot because I don’t think I’m one, along with others who believe as I do. Dig?

I think the whole debate about homosexuality and same-sex marriage is nothing more than a distraction from having an honest discussion about sin, in all of its forms. If gay rights advocates are correct, then the entire Christian institution falls because if you can read out of the Bible that homosexuality is anything other than sin, then you can read just about anything out of it that you want, and it simply becomes a worthless historical document that can be interpreted any way one wishes to interpret it. If that is the case, then it matters not what was the original intent of the authors, and it matters not a whit whether Christ actually raised from the dead because if the book is that flawed then that didn’t happen either. So you can see where gay activists have brought us. Absolutely nowhere. In pushing their point, what they have done is to make the Bible out to be false, that the written word can be interpreted any way people like, that God (and by extension, Jesus) is only any good if he thinks like a gay activist, and that if anyone doesn’t agree with gay activists then they are bigots are homophobes. If this is the world as they see it and the only world they will accept, then God help us, presuming he exists.

Lest I be misinterpreted, let me make a couple of things clear. First, the only reason I care that someone is a homosexual is because I care about their eternal soul. If there were no such thing as sin and no such thing as an eternal soul that would be in jeopardy due to sin, I wouldn’t give a damn, so to speak. Second, as it pertains to gay rights, I don’t think there is anything such as “gay rights.” Gays are human beings, and deserve the same rights as all other human beings. If a gay person is discriminated against because they are gay, then that is not acceptable because there is simply no reason to discriminate against someone on that basis. The problem is when gays demand that everyone accept their lifestyle choice as something that is normative and moral. Not doing so is no more discriminatory than someone who doesn’t accept fornication (premarital sex) or adultery as normative. All three of these are unacceptable lifestyle choices to Christians, but those who do choose them are free to do so. The Bible is clear on all three of these as moral issues, so homosexuality is not something that should be singled out as acceptable just because gay activists demand it, any more than fornication or adultery should be singled out. If you want to live the gay lifestyle, then by all means go for it, but please do not force me to change the definition of marriage to accommodate you lest I be falsely labeled “a bigot and a homophobe.”


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