The Mars National Geographic Series and Something I See Missing

by walterm on November 3, 2016

I have been watching the “preview” of the Mars series coming to National Geographic on November 14 (now streaming on their site). Ron Howard, Elon Musk, Neil deGrasse Tyson and other big names were involved in making the series. Since a little kid I have always been fascinated with space and space travel, and there is no one more supportive of space travel than me. I look up into the skies at night and only dream that I can escape this Earth and wander among the stars. I will forever be a Trekkie and I think I have watched virtually every science fiction move that wasn’t crappy (I couldn’t watch the whole of Independence Day: Resurgence, one of the most horrid sci-fi movies ever in life).

But there is something that I notice in the Mars: Deeper Dive show that talks about the making of the series through a number of people opining on space travel. What we constantly hear is that man wants to explore because we’re that kind of species, that space travel is the next step of our evolution, that it is our shared humanity and wanting to protect our species from extinction, and so on. But what is patently missing from all of these people speaking is anyone saying anything about us wanting to do this because God placed in man a desire to learn and achieve. That they’re doing this because God has created an awesome universe and we should get out and explore all he has made.

Well the reason for this is because the people who have this view cannot freely speak their mind. Even though they have the same desire and passion to explore new worlds, it is solely because of their belief that God made the universe that they are shunned and shut out from speaking what they have a legitimate reason to feel and verbalize. When people are talking so much about “diversity and inclusion,” how come that always means any and all views except those held by Christians or those who believe in a Designer of some sort? It’s maddening. Literally billions of people don’t believe in Darwinian evolution, but they are shut out of the scientific establishment even if they are excellent scientists and visionaries the same as Newton, Boyle, Huygens, Galileo, Kepler, Copernicus, and others too numerous to mention.

What I want to see is FULL diversity in science, which is dominated by liberals. Not fake, made up diversity whose sole purpose is bring in the views of one group while excluding the view of groups they don’t agree with. FULL diversity. We should demand it.


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