When Making a Moral Argument Against Someone Else, Don’t Misrepresent Their Views

by walterm on March 28, 2017

One of the most interesting things to me about liberal progressives is that when they are making a moral argument, they will, with a straight face, intentionally lie about the actual position of those whom they oppose. For example, Gil Garcetti, mayor of Los Angeles, was speaking of being a sanctuary city today, and how morally wrong it is for the Trump administration to “separate children from their families because it is inhumane,” regarding the Trump administration pulling funds from sanctuary cities that won’t cooperate with federal immigration enforcement. He goes on to say, “we don’t demonize our hardworking neighbors just because they speak a different language or come from a different country.” Well the question is, who is doing that? The Trump administration is going after criminal illegal aliens. There is no intention to separate families, though that may happen incidentally if someone is here committing crimes and happens to have children.

What Garcetti is doing is dangerously telegraphing to illegal aliens is that if you have children here, then that’s your ticket to stay because he doesn’t believe in tearing apart a family even if a parent is a criminal illegal alien. I can hardly think of anything more irresponsible. Also, exactly who does he refer to that is demonizing people regarding their language or where they come from? I didn’t hear one word demonizing any particular person or group of people. We’re talking about people who are here illegally participating in criminal activity, and that is the only criteria. So please, liberal progressives, if you’re going to take a moral position, then be moral. To openly and intentionally lie about the position of those you oppose makes your moral point moot. You look disingenuous, which is exactly what you are if you must misrepresent the positions of others in order to appeal to the emotions of the people to whom you are speaking.


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