Liberals Suddenly Discover Federalism

by walterm on June 1, 2017

I was listening to Senator Mike Lee on the Andrew Wilkow show this morning (SiriusXM), which prompted me to write a little note to my liberal friends about the simplicity of federalism. Note that suddenly, since Donald Trump has come into power as president of the United States, you have now become fans of federalism, which is the division of powers between the federal and state government. You want more matters decided at the state level because you don’t like or want what Trump may do at the federal level. Well this is what I have been telling you all along when Obama was pushing down his agenda from on high. You liked what Obama was doing, and didn’t expect Trump to win, so you were happy. Well things didn’t work out as you planned. And that’s why you should have listened to me all along that federalism is the best thing no matter who is in office. You’re simply not going to get things your way all the time. Life doesn’t work like that.

With federalism, you control much of your destiny at the state and local levels, and simply allow the federal government to do the few things it is designed to do and can do reasonably well. I know many of you are upset about Trump’s budget, but you shouldn’t be. He is not really “cutting” anything, but slowing the growth of the federal government. Raising spending on something less than you would have otherwise is not “cutting.” It’s still an increase. This means you will have more money in your pocket or in your state’s pocket where the money can be more efficiently and effectively allocated (presuming you don’t live in totally screwed up states such as California, New York, and Illinois). So now it becomes your responsibility to spend that money more wisely at the local and state levels.

Control your own destiny at a level where you can have more say and more impact. Think local. Think state. Get out of thoughts of a big federal government and getting everything you want shoved down the throats of all Americans. Think about what others want. Accept the fact that different people want different things and want to be able to move to a town or state where they can best realize the things that are important to them. If you truly believe in diversity, then this is the way to achieve it.


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