Roy Moore, Doug Jones, and the Black Vote in Alabama

by walterm on December 17, 2017

So Doug Jones has defeated Roy Moore for Senate in the state of Alabama, thanks to high black voter turnout. But is this a good thing? My position is that blacks should not have voted for either Moore or Jones, as neither represented the best interests of blacks. Moore is one of those good ole’ boy fire and brimstone types who uses way too many Bible verses for my tastes, forty-year-old sexual allegations aside (his penchant for underage girls doesn’t appear to have continued into his older years, thankfully, but the damage is done). Jones is one of those people who sees blacks as nothing more than sure votes without him having to actually produce any results, and the only thing he would stand for is more government involvement and interference in their lives because he thinks that’s what black people want. And he would be largely correct that blacks, more than fifty years after the civil rights legislation, have a largely parental relationship with government and depend far too much on government to fix the ills of yesteryear, which it simply can’t do without massive socialist programs that would fundamentally undermine our economy and system of government.

What blacks need to start demanding of the Democrats who have been doing nothing for them the past five or six decades is to first solve the problem of schools. The number one priority should be that Democrats become champions of, instead of opponents against, school vouchers, school choice, and homeschooling. They send their kids to private schools while black children in urban areas continue to languish, and they offer no apologies. Obama did it too by sending his girls to Sidwell, and it took Republicans to restore the school vouchers that the Obama administration tried to shut down. So it is Republicans that are for school choice and ending the situation where disadvantaged students can’t get the same quality education as other students whose parents live in wealthy districts. So you have to ask yourself why blacks continue to vote for the very people who don’t want their children to have a quality education.

As to other government benefits, we all know Democrats only promise to maintain or increase government benefits as a means to keep blacks voting Democratic. That is ridiculous. What Democrats should be doing is looking for ways to bring greater economic opportunity to blacks so they don’t need government assistance. But then that would mean blacks would need government less, and Democrats won’t have any of that. They want blacks dependent and beholden to a paternal government and they love it that they can lock up the black vote by saying either 1) the Republican is racist, or 2) the Republican will take away your government benefits. In both cases the charge rarely, if ever, has any solid evidence backing it up, but blacks swallow this tired old charge up hook, line, and sinker without even asking for the evidence. That is why we are stuck and going around and around in circles messing around with Democrats, instead of coming up with an agenda with specific, measurable results that if not met means the politician of any political persuasion will lose his or her support from the black community.

The bottom line is that we as a people, in the aggregate, are politically stupid. We are our own worst enemy, and that is a fact. The results speak for themselves and if we don’t change, we will be in this same leaky boat another fifty years from now with the same old complaints as the past fifty years.


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