Scientia Media, or middle knowledge, is a form of knowledge first attributed to God by the sixteenth century Jesuit theologian Luis de Molina. It is best characterized as God’s prevolitional knowledge of all true counterfactuals (“what ifs”) of creaturely freedom. This knowledge is seen by its proponents as the key to understanding the compatibility of divine providence and libertarian freedom. Middle knowledge is compared first to God’s natural knowledge of all things that could happen (all possible causes and effects), with middle knowledge being between natural knowledge and God’s free knowledge of what will happen (the world as it actually is). This view is known as Molinism. Notable philosophers who hold this view are William Lane Craig, Alvin Plantinga, and J.P. Moreland. I am happy to be in their company, and to have been a student of J.P. Moreland.

The pictures to your right (which “rotate” when the page is refreshed), are all photos I have taken of California’s Central Coast. The Central Coast is my favorite place in the whole world, and the place I feel most at home, except for Atlanta where I lived for seven years, and of course Richmond, VA, where I grew up. Though I have lived in Southern California for the past fifteen years, I am hopeful that my next move will be to the Monterey Bay area or Santa Cruz, and that I will also be accepted into a Bioinformatics Ph.D. program at UC Santa Cruz. Bioinformatics is essentially the application of information technology to the field of molecular biology.

If you would like to reach me to chat or ask about how I get some of my crazy ideas, you can find me on Facebook. The link to my profile is the little Facebook icon under my bio just to the right.


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