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I would like to encourage lively, open debate on the issues presented, but would like to establish a few ground rules for comments:

  1. NO profanity allowed. Only civil and respectful discourse is expected. Persons consistently violating the rules will be banned from posting comments. Since I moderate all comments, if you violate the code, your comment won’t see the light of day anyway.
  2. Be prepared to back up your view with facts, figures, and sound reasoning. Address arguments, not persons. Name calling is the best way to lose credibility and the argument.
  3. I approve all comments, so it may take a day or two before your comment is posted. All comments are subject to review, edit, or removal.
  4. Be willing to engage. This means grappling with contrary viewpoints, and either refuting them or adjusting your own view if you find other viewpoints superior to your own.

I look forward to dialoguing with you!

Walter Myers III


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